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What's New
  • 12-Nov-2004
    Version released
  • 8-Oct-2004
    Version 0.0.9 released
  • 2-Aug-2004
    Version released
  • 20-Dec-2004
    Version 0.0.8 released

Welcome to the project page of RSS Editor - an RSS editor that is created to supports UTF-8 encoding. RSS Editor aims to be the best on standards compliance, ease of use, and documentation.

With the help of the feedbacks, reviews and translations, RSS Editor is now starting to mature, and alpha stage is going to end soon.

Why RSS Editor?
Mirrors by Jan Börger

Translations Available
Language Author
DanishArne Eckmann
FrenchMichel Slagmulder
GermanJan Börger
Hungariandocuman project
ItalianFabiano Riozzi
SlovenianMartin Srebotnjak
Bulgarina (partial)Bogomil Shopov
Netherlands (partial)Benjamin Broekhuizen
What isn't RSS Editor?
Known Issues
Help wanted

The rsseditor project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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